National Jazz Museum in Harlem, NYC  U.S.A.


Jazz Section-Artforum is a nonprofit arts organization founded in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1971. Jazzová Sekce-Artforum is one of the oldest organizations of this kind in the former Eastern Europe. Jazzová Sekce-Artforum does not have paid employees; we function entirely on the generosity of donations and sponsor gifts.

Our History:
During the reign of Communism, members of Jazzová Sekce-Artforum were persecuted for publishing prohibited and unfit literature („samizdats“). They were also persecuted for organizing concerts of rock musicians who had no governmental permission to perform in public.
During the 1980’s, Jazzová Sekce-Artforum was completely banned and many of its members imprisoned. Many intellectuals, including holders of the Nobel Prize, resolutely protested against this action. This later became the biggest protest of western intellectuals and the people in the history of Eastern Europe.

Our Mission:
Today Jazzová Sekce-Artforum organizes venues for music concerts and fine art for both Czech and foreign creators, including artists from Indonesia, USA and Turkey.
Jazzová Sekce-Artforum is primarily interested in cultural and political events of the 20th century. We curate large exhibitions addressing such themes as, The Beat Generation, August 1968, Losses and Hopes 1938-1989.

Jazzová Sekce-Artforum also sponsors the very popular Nonstop Reading Marathons. Participants of the marathons have included famous celebrities, writers, ambassadors and readers from all around the world.

Since 2002, Jazzová Sekce-Artforum has operated a nonprofit/ noncommercial internet radio show entitled Hortus, meaning garden. Hortus’s main passion remains jazz music.



The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
58 West 129th Street
New York, NY 10027
Hours, Thursday: 11-5pm Friday: 11-5pm, Saturday:11-5pm, Sunday:11-5pm, Monday: 11-5pm, Suggested Admission:



Febuary 21st, Queens Library at Elmhurst, Broadway, NYC

Mr.Pavel Kosar, correspondent of Radio Hortus:

Lecture Jazz Section, Czechoslovakia 1971-1989

   February 27th, 2018


Next week for example:

DONALD BYRD Milestones Of A Jazz Legend, 1960

Trumpeter Donald Byrd (1932-2003) was one of the most important representatives of Hardbob and like his colleagues Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard, successful in directing his productions towards Funk and Soul when Rock began pushing Jazz into a niche at the end of Sixties

BING CROSBY Milestones Of Legend, 1956

Harry Lillis, nicknames „Bing“ after a character in a comic strip titled „Bingville Bugle“, was one of the outstanding protagonists of American popular music, immortalized by his interpretation of „White Christmas„.


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